Contraxaware and Dropbox integration

Dropbox prides itself on providing an integrated solution that brings businesses and their workflow together, providing a seamless collaboration and document saving tool

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Dropbox Business offers easy organization strategies that make it simple for businesses to store their documents with custom options that fit the needs of each individual business. When you integrate with Dropbox, you get:


An easy storage solution for your clients and subcontractors. 

Like you, your clients and subcontractors need to be able to effectively store their documents in a secure location. Thanks to Dropbox integration, you can make it easy for them to 

  • Store and keep track of those important documents
  • Refer back to them when they need to
  • Share them with other members of the team

By creating a copy of the contract document or other documents you have shared with your clients, they can store them in the location that makes the most sense to them, according to their existing filing system. 


Easy document sharing options. 

Dropbox integration makes it easy to share contracts, both for you and for your client. You can also easily share any other documents and information that need to go along with the individual contract, which can help your clients transmit information from you to their partners or the end clients who will benefit from your services. Anyone with a Dropbox account can easily view contracts or documents shared through the platform, which also means that you can easily access documents from your clients in turn. 



Dropbox Business helps protect those vital documents, keeping them safe. You do not want your contracts to be visible to hackers, nor do you want hackers to be able to change those documents. Dropbox offers the convenience of user management. Only those with the shared link can easily view files, which makes it simple to control who within the company can see each of those documents.

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