Contraxaware for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is a popular CRM solution that many businesses use on a daily basis to manage customer relationships

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It is used in a variety of areas: sales, customer service, field management, talent, supply chain management, retail, commerce, marketing, artificial intelligence, and more. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to unify data, bringing all the data a business handles on a regular basis together in one easy-to-use location — and that includes your contracts. Because it unifies all the data a business collects on a regular basis, Microsoft Dynamics is the ideal integration for your cloud contract management software. Consider these advantages:


Stop copying and pasting information. 

Manual data entry bogs down your business. Instead of having your salespeople copy down details into a contract when a lead becomes a customer, the system can handle it for them. Integrated fields are faster, more accurate, and leave your salespeople free to find more customers.


Customers can easily evaluate your contract in one place. 

Like you, your customers need to evaluate a contract before they sign it to ensure that it brings the benefits they planned to their business. When you integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, you allow them to easily determine how the contract has the potential to impact their business. This can make it easier for your clients to identify and avoid potential contract risks. In turn, this will help you get your contracts approved on the client's end faster. 


Customers can predict future needs, including needs with your business. 

Microsoft Dynamics is set up to offer exceptional predictive insights that will make it possible for your clients to decide what they need in the future. As a result, your integration with the platform will allow your clients to more easily integrate your documents and data into their decisions, helping them make decisions for their customers based on your contributions and your contracts. 


Customers can more easily compare your contract to others. 

You know that your business offers the best solution for your customers. Through Microsoft Dynamics, your customers can easily evaluate your offerings compared to your competitors — and chances are, your business will still come out on top. 

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