Improved Contract Management for Sales

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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. The faster your sales team can close deals, the better your cash flow. Having a strong base of satisfied customers starts with leaving a good impression during the sales process

ContractAware, Contract Management System Benefits for Sales

Your sales team is the face of your company for most of your customers. They need to be able to get contracts approved and executed quickly to make a great impression and to build momentum for future sales.

Without a robust contract management system, sales are often slow to close. Sometimes it can take days or weeks before a supervisor even realizes they have documents to review and sign. ContraxAware automates workflows and keeps everything running smoothly.


When it comes to keeping a business up and running, there are a lot of moving parts. With our system, you can monitor documents and contracts through their entire life cycle. You can make sure everything stays on track and correct issues before they become a significant problem.


There is no more need to shuffle papers between assistants. Contracts and key documents no longer wait in piles of paper on desks or in-boxes. Instead, documents are sent automatically to the right person in the organization for review and a digital signature.


Never miss a key deadline or wonder if something is ready or not. Alerts let you know about important events tied to a document or contract. The sales team can know the second a contract is prepared to be sent to the client so that they can close the deal.

Pre-Approved Templates

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Pre-approved contract templates allow the sales team to close routine deals faster because they can skip the approval process. They allow your sales time to spend more time selling and less time following up on paperwork.


Our robust search features make it simple to find the exact document you need. Search by title, keyword, phrase, dates, name of a contributor, or custom tags. Spend less time searching for the right documents and more time engaging with customers and answering their questions.

Mobile Access

Great salespeople need the freedom to work from anywhere. Our cloud-based system allows your sales team to access any critical documents they need from anywhere with a secure web contact. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to quickly access any documents they are authorized to use.

Want to Win at Contract Management?

(Includes an array of features that will streamline your entire contract management process)