Improved Contract Management Solutions for IT

IT Solutions – Contract Tracking Database

No matter what your business does, the IT department is the backbone of your company. The more efficient your IT can be, the smoother the rest of the organization will function. IT makes everyone else’s job easier.

ContractAware, Contract Management Software Benifits for IT

ContraxAware helps IT spend less time on frustrating administrative tasks, and more time on tasks that make everyone more productive.

Our system is designed with your IT team in mind. It’s fully scalable and easily integrates with your existing CRM system and other business systems. It is secure. However, it also makes access easy for authorized users.

Cutting-Edge Security

Your data and critical business information are kept safe from cyber thieves on our cloud-based servers. We use the latest cybersecurity measures to make sure no unauthorized users from inside or outside of your organization has access to your data. We also continuously monitor our servers for malware, viruses, and other potential threats.

User Access

Because we are a cloud-based system, your team can access critical documents from anywhere in the world using a secure internet connection. Update documents from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. We also have a robust system of user controls so that you can set permission levels based on individual employees or departments. Your documents are accessible only to authorized users. Being fully customizable, each document can have its own user access controls.

Device Management

Remotely wipe ContraxAware information on media and control user access. You never have to worry about critical data falling into the wrong hands when an employee quits or loses their device.

Audit Trails

Automatically track each change made by every user on every document in the system. Eliminate document version challenges. Your team always knows that they are accessing the most up to date information.

Powerful Search

You never have to rifle through a filing cabinet searching for a critical document or piece of information. You can easily search the ContraxAware system and instantly find exactly what you need. Search using document title, keyword, phrase, dates, name of a contributor, or custom tags.

Intuitive Design

ContraxAware is packed with powerful features and is simple to use. The intuitive design makes it easy to quickly find what you need no matter what device you are using. Once you open up the system, you can get to work right away.

Want to Win at Contract Management?

(Includes an array of features that will streamline your entire contract management process)