Improved Contract Management for Financial Services

Finance Contract Software Solutions

Your finance team does more than just balance the books. They are responsible for making sure there are no interruptions to your cash flow, your customers are paying on time, and your investments are earning you a great return. In a competitive global marketplace, they need the ability to make financial decisions fast. To do that, they need great information.

ContractAware’s Contract Management Software Benefits for Finance

This finance contract software allows your finance department to quickly find the right documents and information so they can make the right financial decisions. They are able to work more efficiently while still monitoring the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for invoices or auditing past purchases, ContraxAware helps them be better at their job.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Cutting-Edge Security

We make sure your proprietary corporate information remains confidential. We keep your data and documents safe from both cyberthreats and unauthorized access from inside of your organization. Our cutting-edge security measures regularly scan for suspicious network activity, malware, and other cyberthreats.

Centralize Secure Contracts

You have the flexibility to configure your workflows in whatever ways work best for you. ContraxAware is powerful and flexible contract management software. Automatically send invoices to customers or send purchase orders over a specific amount to a manager for approval.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Powerful Search

Never lose a key document ever again. Our powerful search system allows you to find whatever you need instantly. Search for title, keyword, phrase, dates, name of a contributor, or custom tags. We know your time is money.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Status Monitoring

Monitor the status and progress in real-time of contracts, invoices, or any other mission-critical documents. Get in-depth analytics that helps you stay on top of all the organization’s financial issues and allow you to see both the big picture and the most important details.

Centralize Secure Contracts

Don’t waste time adding data that is already in one of your other business systems. ContraxAware’s contract lifecycle managemnet seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and other critical business systems. This finance contract software pulls data directly from those other systems as needed.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Easy Collaboration

ContraxAware’s contract management is the ultimate collaboration tool. With robust audit trails, you never have issues with different document versions. You can keep track of notes, messages, and document updates all in one place.

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