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Contract Management Software

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Cloud Based Contract Management Solution

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Never Lose A Contract Again

ContraxAware is a centralized and highly secure cloud-based Contract Management Software. Store unlimited contracts documents and related data. ContraxAwares powerful search features will help you locate any contract in seconds. Secure servers, automated backups, updated OS as well as security control software are all maintained by ContraxAware. Never lose any contract and never lose any sleep because you know we have you covered. All of this included in our simple per user/monthly pricing.


Centralize & Increase Visibility

Increase visibility by centralizing all of your contracts in a single, secure database that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Find any contract in seconds. Permission-based user access allows you to control what contracts a user can access and the level of access provided.

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Standardize and Comply

Enforce contract standardization and compliance by uploading all of your standard contract templates into the ContraxAware, Contract Templates Library. Centralize, manage and approve the standard contract templates your organization will use when generating a new contract. When generating new contracts, ContraxAware will merge the metadata into the selected contract template, and generate a new contract in seconds.


Increase Productivity

Automate your contract approval, renewal, and signature processes by using our easy to use workflow functionality. Configure parallel or serial order workflows and include internal as well as external users to create a complete end to end process. Enhance your signature workflow with our integrated DocuSign Electronic Signatures feature.


Stay Aware of Obligations

Never miss an upcoming expiring contract, contract renewal or important milestone date or obligation. Be alerted to incoming contract requests as well as delays and completed workflow processes. Receive automated email notices and scheduled reports straight to your inbox. Display lists, charts and reports to summarize, analyze and categorize any contract data. A 360-degree view of your contracts will provide an overview of information needed to quickly process new contracts and efficiently manage existing contracts. Improved contract management will reduce legal and financial risk and increase profitability.


Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Run one of the many available standard reports or create your own custom reports. Built-in reporting features such as Filtering, Grouping, and Sorting will further enhance how you can analyze and use your contract data. Use the Global Text Search feature to locate specific text within all or a set of contract documents.


Share Data Across Systems

The ContraxAware REST API, gives you the functionality to integrate and share data between the ContraxAware Contract Lifecycle Management ( CLM ) system and other systems within your enterprise.

Talk to our team today about integration ContraxAware with your CRM, accounting, purchasing and other systems.


A Contract Management System with the Features you need.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Centralize & Secure Contracts
  • Centralize all of your contract data and documents
  • 100% cloud-based contract management system
  • Available anywhere, anytime, on any device

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Renewal Expiration Alerts
Renewal & Expiration Alerts
  • Contract Renewal and Expiration Reminders
  • Track all contract management tasks and workflows
  • Status Dashboards & reporting to keep you informed

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Electronic Signatures
  • Send contracts for Electronic Signature
  • Configure alert default settings
  • Receive In-System and email notifications

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Contract Authoring
  • Maintain a Standard Contract Templates Library
  • Generate contracts with merged contract data
  • Empower staff with an Online Requests Portal

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Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows
  • Automate Approvals, Signature and other workflows
  • Remind users of workflow assignments
  • Create Standard Workflow Templates

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User Access Management
User Access Management
  • Control access to contract data and features
  • Create, update and remove users
  • Maintain roles and assign roles to users

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Take Control Of Your Contract Management Process


Centralize Contracts

Increase visibility by centralizing all of your contracts in a secure database that can be accessed from anywhere.


Manage Contracts

Never miss an upcoming expiring contract, contract renewal or important milestone date or obligation.


Process Contracts

Automate your contract approval, renewal, and signature processes by using our easy to use workflow functionality.


Analyze Contracts

Run one of the many available standard reports or create your own custom reports.

How it Works?.

ContraxAware explained in 90 Seconds.

ContraxAware is a complete end-to-end Contract Management Solution to streamline your entire contract management process.

Why Choose ContraxAware?

Contracts are a valuable corporate asset

How you protect and manage them is critical to the success of your business and this is where Contract Management Software can help. With over 30 years of contract and data management experience, the ContraxAware team has developed a Contract Management Software that is a secure and safe database where your contract information and documents are easily accessible, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether you are managing existing contracts or creating new documents, our Online Contract Management Software enables users to quickly and easily manage all the critical details. Here are other advantages of our product and services:

Managing contracts requires attention and constant maintenance. ContraxAware has powerful features organized in a simple, intuitive format that will make this easier. You will find helpful hints and step by step guidance as you move through every process. Each step flows naturally into the other. Even the novice app user will be up to speed quickly using ContraxAware. Configuring a Contract Managemenent Workflow Proccess, such as approval or signature workflows is a breeze.

Managing contracts takes time, but with ContraxAware, you will save a lot it. When you employ our Contract Management Solution, you are using a technically advanced platform to edit, manage, and access your contracts. With a few clicks, you can create a new contract or upload an existing document. All user activities related to drafting, reviewing, approving, and signing a contract is documented in a clear audit trail. Each process takes place online, providing a central repository for every team member to collaborate on the task at hand. Work gets done faster and more efficiently, saving time and resources.

If you ever have questions while using the ContraxAware software, we are here, ready to help. Our technical team is a highly trained and customer focused group of professionals available to assist with any of your questions. We understand how vital contract management is to your success. Our mission is to support your team in achieving success by utilizing the powerful features of the best Contract Management System available, ContraxAware.

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