Improved Contract Management for Operations

Procurement Operations

Operations have the thankless task of making sure all of the thousands of little details all come together to keep the customers happy and to make sure the company has what it needs to keep running smoothly.

ContractAware, Contract Management Software Benefits for Operations

There are thousands of different documents and contracts that relate to everything from utilities to vendors to janitorial services. Operations needs to keep all of that organized.

ContraxAware makes sure that your operations department doesn’t have to waste time searching for the right document. It keeps everything organized and has a powerful search feature that lets your operations team instantly access precisely what they need to manage the day to day operation of your company.

Centralize Secure Contracts

When it comes to keeping a business up and running, there are a lot of moving parts. With our system, you can monitor documents and contracts through their entire life cycle. You can make sure everything stays on track and correct issues before they become a significant problems.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Automated Workflows

We have eliminated the need to shuffle stacks of papers back and forth between different layers of management. With the click of a button, human resources can send an NDA to an employee. Once the employee digitally signs the document, it is automatically sent to the appropriate managers for approval and automatically securely filed. You can create an automated workflow for ANY repetitive human resources process.

Centralize Secure Contracts

ContraxAware smoothly integrates with your existing CRM and other critical business systems. There is no need to waste time manually entering customer, vendor, or employee data. Our system can automatically pull what you need from your existing systems.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Custom Tagging

You have your own lingo and shorthand in your company. It’s part of your company’s culture. We allow you to incorporate that custom shorthand into the system through custom tags. You can create as many custom tags as you want to make finding documents even easier.

Centralize Secure Contracts
Audit Trails

Eliminate issues with version control. Our robust audit trail means that your team is always working in the correct version of the document. You can quickly go back and see who and when changes to the document were made. It makes collaboration simpler and faster.

Centralize Secure Contracts

With so many different deadlines and projects, it can be easy for important issues to get ignored. With our system alerts, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you will never miss an important deadline.

Want to Win at Contract Management?

(Includes an array of features that will streamline your entire contract management process)