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$ 399
per month
  • Included Features
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 10 Full Users Included
  • Unlimited Workflow Users
  • Unlimited Contract Request Users
  • Contract Request Portal
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$ 999
per month


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Unlimited support is included with your ContraxAware subscription.

We offer several convenient ways to reach us.

  • Phone Support: 1-800-460-9052.
  • Live Chat: You can connect with a support agent via the Chat support icon within the ContraxAware system.
  • Email: Email support at [email protected].
  • Online help articles and documentation.

*Custom Service Level Agreement are available to meet your needs.

ContraxAware strives to provide comprehensive contract management software that will handle all of the user's needs, including features designed for every member of your team, from HR to the legal team. Our features include:

Full-text search.

Looking for a specific clause in your contracts or trying to find a specific detail in a contract? We offer full-text search options that make it easier than ever to locate the data you need.

Automatic version tracking.

Your contracts may change dramatically over time, whether through the sales process or as you alter your contract with a given service provider or client. Our system automatically keeps track of the latest version of those contracts while allowing you to easily look back at previous versions of the contract.

Integration with a wide range of existing platforms and apps.

We want to make ContraxAware accessible - not only for your business, but for your customers, too. We offer integration with a wide range of existing platforms and apps to make it easy to share data while still maintaining the integrity of each contract and its security.

Data integrity.

ContraxAware doesn not just provide security that will help keep your data safe. It also makes it easier for salespeople and other members of the team to maintain data accuracy with features like:

  • Drop-down menus

  • Auto-filled fields

  • Pre-set restrictions on contract terms

These options reduce the risk of typos and human errors while helping to maintain compliance and reducing risks for your business.

Contract scoring.

You want to be sure that you're putting together a contract that does not create excessive risk for your business. Contract scoring can help every member of the team understand the risk associated with any contract before it's approved, including making changes to the contractual terms as needed.

Automated reminders.

You don't want to miss out on important dates and deadlines. ContraxAware offers a range of default notifications as well as custom settings. Set reminders for expirations, reviews, and other tasks.

Easy contract status tracking.

You need to know where your contracts are in your workflow at any given moment. We make it easy to keep track of those important workflows and offer full visibility to users with the appropriate permissions.

ContraxAware offers a money-back guarantee for customers who aren't satisfied with the ContraxAware contract management system. If you decide within the first sixty days following your initial training session that you do not want to use ContraxAware's SaaS, you may request a refund of all payments to ContraxAware (excluding customization or data migration service charges).

We are committed to supporting our customers so they achieve the full benefit of what ContraxAware offers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As Teddy Roosevelt once said"Nothing worth having comes easy".He surely wasn't thinking of contract management when he said it, but we understand that introducing a new application into an organization used to doing things a certain way can be challenging. Everyone recognizes the need for a better way,but a busy staff may not prioritize the time needed to learn the system. The worst result for everyone is a new app that goes inside. That is why ContraxAware has created a structured implementation and training program. IT is designed to motivate your ream to work with ContraxAware from the first day creating the foundation for success. Here is how we will get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Training Your Employees

ContraxAware provides considerable training opportunities for our clients. Depending on the system package you have purchased, we will schedule from 3-6 hours of live online comprehensive training which is adequate for most companies using ContraxAware for the first time. Training after the initial times is available for an additional fee.

The ContraxAware system also has a tutorial and walkthroughs built into the program. Every user will be able to refresh what they have learned during training. While there is a learning curve associated with using any new system, we hope that our tutorials and walkthroughs will make it easier for every member of your team to feel comfortable and competent using ContraxAware. Either as a refresher or new learner, these tutorials allow users to have the option to learn at their own pace and focus on elements of the system they use most often.

Data Migration

You may want to start fresh by keeping your legacy agreement in their current form and entering new contracts into ContraxAware. On the other hand, you may need to transfer your old contracts data to ContraxAware. Depending on your current management system, ( paper files, document management software, Excel, etc.) we offer optional data conversion services that can upload your data and create new records in ContraxAware. Please contact a sales representative for details regarding this service.

Customize The System To Your Needs

Your contracts , like your business, are unique. While we offer several templates that are standard across the industry in our system, you may want to modify them so they are specific to your process. Our experienced implementation specialists will assist you in determining what data you want to capture and how it will be viewed.

When you choose ContraxAware for your contract management needs, you aren't just getting a storage system for your contracts. You get a team of experienced professionals available to provider effective and responsive customer support including:

  • A detailed online help system that will answer many frequently asked questions.

  • Trainers who will work directly with your team to help them learn how to use the system more effectively.

  • Live phone support for professional plans and above. These phone support specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST.

With cloud storage options, your storage is limitless. You can store and manage as many contracts - and different versions of contracts - as you like on your online system.

The ContraxAware system makes it easy to access the data you need with powerful search tools.You can search for contract records and parties using multiple criteria to be specific on the records you want to review, and OCR PDF documents to make them searchable for any words or phrases within an uploaded document.With many available reports and search options, you can use the system to find the data you need quickly and publish the results that are easy to read and understand. That means less time spent searching through paperwork, and more time spent on the other important tasks for your business.

Depending on your industry, you may face a range of compliance requirements. Also, specific contracts, including government contracts or medical contracts, may have increased compliance requirements. ContraxAware can help you meet those compliance standards with several important elements, including:

Alerts and reminders

Do you need to submit paperwork by a specific date? Is there a specific task that must be taken care of at a specific time? ContraxAware can help issue key reminders.

Contract templates and requirements

Your contracts must meet specific requirements to pass compliance standards. ContraxAware allows you to put together templates that reflect those requirements so that your salespeople don't mistakenly miss a requirements.

Contract scoring. With our contract scoring system, you can quickly identify any contracts that might be outside standard contract compliance requirements and make changes before you approve those contracts.

You need highly visible contract records that provide full access to the data you need on a regular basis. ContraxAware makes it easy to see exactly the information you need most while preventing employees without access from seeing data they don't need to view. You can easily see:

  • Due dates

  • Contract renewal dates

  • Records and reports

  • Key obligations

  • The specific language used in a contract

  • Unique requirements of a given contract

  • The stage of a contract

  • Who is working on or using a contract at any point in the approval process

  • Past versions of contracts

This increased visibility can make it much easier to keep up with a range of important tasks, as well as keeping your business running more smoothly.

ContraxAware makes it easy to identify the latest version of your contracts or to revert to a previous version as needed. During the contract lifecycle, you may need to make changes or view previous versions of the contract, especially if questions or concerns arise.

ContraxAware makes it easy to access every version of those contracts, whether you need to answer questions about contractual changes or ensure that your contracts remain in compliance in spite of their changes.

At ContraxAware, we believe that your enterprise contract management software should adapt to fit your specific needs, rather than you adapting your contract processes to fit the contract management software. So ContraxAware allows you to customize your own workflows and add specific tasks to your contract management cycle. You can:

  • Program in alerts, flags, and reminders as needed, including both email reminders and automatic reminders within the system itself.

  • Name custom fields to sync with your company language and terms

  • Create your own contract templates and modify the contract scoring system to adhere to the unique needs of your business.

  • Set permissions based on who should and should not be able to see any contract information or make changes.

Also, your team can choose the apps and programs you need to work with your contract system. ContraxAware is designed for full customization, making it the ideal contract management solution for businesses across multiple types of industries.

ContraxAware's secure cloud storage platform makes it easy to keep your documents secure. ContraxAware doesn't just offer a secure cloud storage platform that will help protect your contracts from attacks from the outside. It also allows you to control user permissions to help maintain internal security.Control who has the power to write contracts, including which specific users can make alterations to any particular contract.

  • Control who has the ability to view and access specific contracts, reports, and data.

  • Designate who must approve contracts before they can be moved through the contract cycle.

  • Put safeguards in place to prevent contracts with high risk scores or potential compliance problems from being approved.

With both internal and external security protections available, ContraxAware helps offer both you and your clients peace of mind when it comes to contract security.

ContraxAware offers a variety of reporting options that provide a clear picture of how managing your contracts effectively will impact many areas of your business. Those reports can be saved and emailed independently. As with other features of the system, you can also control who has access to those reports and the information they provide about your business. Those reports can make it easier for you to understand business and contract management trends over time. They also make it easier for you to make key decisions about future contracts and the future of your business as a whole.