Contraxaware for DocuSign

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DocuSign's electronic signature option makes it easier than ever for you to get signatures from clients no matter where they are. The platform offers the ability to: 


Sign contracts online.

Instead of having to connect with customers in person, you can work through DocuSign to get an online signature for your contracts. Customers can quickly and easily take care of those signatures from anywhere, at any time. You also won’t have to worry about the possibility that a paper contract will get lost in the mail or wait for a client to print out and upload an emailed contract. Virtual signatures carry just as much weight and validity as pen and paper signatures. That means you can get started implementing the contract sooner.


Make changes to those online contracts as needed. 

Sometimes, you need to quickly make changes to your contract before the client can sign it. On DocuSign, you can quickly and effectively upload those changes through your integration with the ContraxAware system, which means that your client will always have the current version of the contract in front of them, just like you do. You can also change the signatories without creating multiple copies or managing a complex email chain.


Simply integrate with the systems that clients already use. 

Many of your clients may already use DocuSign. They use it to both sign documents and to manage their existing contracts. When you send them a contract to sign through DocuSign, they're getting a contract that they can use on their existing platform. The signatory probably already has an account, and you don’t have to worry about user error. This doesn’t just increase client convenience and comfort with the online signing process. It will also allow them to use a platform they already know and understand to store their contracts. 

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