Contraxaware for Insightly

Insightly is a management program that makes it easier for you to connect with all of your customers and deliver on the work you need to perform.

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The platform focuses on workflow automation. It contains both marketing and CRM solutions that make customer management easier than ever. Thanks to integration with Insightly, you can offer multiple benefits to both your business and your customers, including:


Easier marketing management. 

Your marketing team needs to know exactly what they can offer. Integrating your enterprise contract management software and your marketing platform ensures better alignment. Also, if you use Insightly, it will help you track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts altogether. Then you can alter them according to the changing needs of your customers and your business. For example, see if different marketing campaigns attract customers with different risk valuations and contract scores.


CRM solutions that grow with the business. 

A business's CRM needs change as it grows — and Insightly is designed to grow along with the business. When you integrate with Insightly, you provide that growth opportunity for your business. 


Full awareness of the modern customer journey. 

The customer pipeline today does not look like it did even a few short years ago. Insightly recognizes that and provides high-level customer management solutions for every member of the team, including both your business’s and your clients' teams. By integrating with Insightly, you will get better insights into exactly what your customers need. Also, you can see what the customer journey looks like at every stage of the contract process. 

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