Contraxaware and Google Drive integration

Many people use Google Drive as a private storage solution

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It’s document storage that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Google Drive, like Box and Dropbox, relies on cloud storage, rather than storage on a physical server or location. Because Google offers multiple popular and recognizable solutions, many users like the convenience and comfort of using this familiar platform for document storage. Google Drive provides a number of advantages for business users:


Google Drive documents easily integrate with other Google solutions. 

Whether it's managing a website or a marketing campaign, linking their solutions through a Google Drive account can make it easier for clients to manage every aspect of their business — and with Google Drive integration, it keeps it all in one easy location. When you use Google Drive as part of your contract management solution, you make it easier for your users to keep up with their contracts and other documents — and for them to use those documents as part of their other business processes. If you and your clients regularly exchange documents, such as change orders and statements of work, this tool can help everyone keep live updates straight.


Google Docs works easily with Microsoft Office. 

The Microsoft Office suite of programs remains one of the most popular solutions for document creation. Google Docs makes it simple to use those Microsoft Office files, regardless of whether both users have the full Microsoft program. The more word processing and editing options you offer, the more customers you can easily do business with.


Google Docs provides easy accessibility from anywhere.

Users can access Google Docs from desktop or mobile devices, making their documents more convenient than ever. This integration means your customers will never have to wait for you to email a document. Thanks to Google Drive and Google Doc integration, you can connect with your clients on a platform that they already use and trust. This makes it simpler for your clients to view and share documents for a variety of purposes. 

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