Your NDA Management System: How to Manage NDAs, Ensure Compliance, and Strengthen Your Business Position

If you’re looking at the best, most efficient, time-saving way to manage your NDAs, this book is for you. Here you will find information and practical tips to not only manage your NDAs but also ensure compliance, strengthen your business, and maintain positive relationships with vendors.

Learn about the 5 reports you should be creating to gain insight into the integrity of your contract system’s data. These reports also help in ensuring you have all the necessary information available; and you should have these reports scheduled to generate on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs.

You’ll also learn about the types of contract management support to have to help you with your contract data integrity. And how often you need to completely reevaluate your contract management system.

Speaking of contract management systems, not all are created equal. It’s important you have one that can handle all your contract management lifecycle needs in the complex business world of 2020, and beyond.

This book will show you the best way to refine your contract scoring schema to reflect your current goals. And finally, we identify pain points many businesses have with vendor contract management, and how to solve it.

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Contracts are a valuable corporate asset

How you protect and manage them is critical to the success of your business and this is where Contract Management Software can help. With over 30 years of contract and data management experience, the ContraxAware team has developed a Contract Management Software that is a secure and safe database where your contract information and documents are easily accessible, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether you are managing existing contracts or creating new documents, our Online Contract Management Software enables users to quickly and easily manage all the critical details. Here are other advantages of our product and services:

Managing contracts requires attention and constant maintenance. ContraxAware has powerful features organized in a simple, intuitive format that will make this easier. You will find helpful hints and step by step guidance as you move through every process. Each step flows naturally into the other. Even the novice app user will be up to speed quickly using ContraxAware. Configuring a Contract Managemenent Workflow Proccess, such as approval or signature workflows is a breeze.

Managing contracts takes time, but with ContraxAware, you will save a lot it. When you employ our Contract Management Solution, you are using a technically advanced platform to edit, manage, and access your contracts. With a few clicks, you can create a new contract or upload an existing document. All user activities related to drafting, reviewing, approving, and signing a contract is documented in a clear audit trail. Each process takes place online, providing a central repository for every team member to collaborate on the task at hand. Work gets done faster and more efficiently, saving time and resources.

If you ever have questions while using the ContraxAware software, we are here, ready to help. Our technical team is a highly trained and customer focused group of professionals available to assist with any of your questions. We understand how vital contract management is to your success. Our mission is to support your team in achieving success by utilizing the powerful features of the best Contract Management System available, ContraxAware.

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