The ContraxAware Services Team will be with you every step of the way.


Training & Consulting

Expand your product knowledge and get an in-depth education on the ContractAware Contract Management Software.

Built-In Walkthroughs

ContraxAware provides built-in training walkthroughs, step by step, helpful prompts as well as an online help system to get you up to speed quickly.  The training walkthroughs are step by step on screen instructions that guide you through different screens and functionality of the ContraxAware system. The on-screen prompts are another way the system will remind you of the status of processes and give you direction on the next recommended steps.

One-On-One Training Options

8 Hours of One on One internet Training is included with the Professional and above subscription plans. One of our training staff professionals will train you in the overall use of the ContraxAware system as well as with system configuration and settings.  If you need additional training at any time, then please contact one of our knowledgeable sales consultants.

Customer Support

Recieve prompt ongoing Customer Support by using our multi-channel support system.

Live Customer Support

Have a quick question? Our Customer Support team offers live chat. Need to talk things through? We provide live phone support for our professional and above plans. Live support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM–8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Online Help and Collaboration

Get help anytime while using the system.  We use Intercom to provide the ability for you to reach out to a customer service professional at a click of a button.  You also can take advantage of built-in support libraries that are full of helpful documents.

Data Migration Service

Let the ContraxAware Data Migration Team move any existing contract data or documents you may have.

Data Analysis

Whether you are currently using a spreadsheet, or an existing database and have documents stored locally or on a cloud service, one of our data migration specialists can review your current process with you and provide you with a best practice approach on deciding what data to move into the ContraxAware system.  We can provide you with a data import template and work with you to assure that your data is clean and that data is standardized, so you will have the best possible experience once you are up and running on ContraxAware.

Data Import

Built-in data import capabilities allow you to import your data one time or on an
as-needed basis. As part of our implementation service, we can assist you with the process of initially loading your ContraxAware system with your existing data and documents.

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