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Improved Contract Management for Legal

Contract Management System for Legal

Legal Solutions

Fast, easy access to critical information is critical for your legal team. ContraxAware gives your legal team the resources they need to fully protect the interests of the company. It also makes drafting new legal documents a smoother process and reduces errors.

ContractAware, Contract Management Software Benifits for Legal

Risk mitigation and risk avoidance are an essential part of your legal team’s responsibilities. With our contract management system, your legal team can easily audit contracts and other legal documents without having to waste time hunting through boxes or filing cabinets.

ContraxAware is not just a storage system. It is also an incredibly powerful collaboration tool that allows teams to see everything from the most current version of a given document to all of the messages and notes relating to a specific negotiation.


Enjoy full visibility into any contract. See everything from the first draft to the all of the back and forth of the negotiations. Workflow automation and alerts make sure contracts, and other legal documents are reviewed, approved, and executed in a timely way. Your legal team can see the status of any document with just a simple glance.

Cutting-Edge Security

Our cloud-based servers use cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to make sure your confidential information stays confidential. It also prevents unauthorized users from accessing or making changes to any documents. 

Powerful Search

Quickly and Easily find any document anywhere in a contract lifecycle with a simple search. You can find the exact document or documents you need quickly. You can search by title, keyword, phrase, dates, name of a contributor, or custom tags. 

Pre-Approved Templates

If your company has a specific type of document or contract that it frequently uses, such as an NDA or non-compete agreement, the legal team can create a template with pre-approved language. A simple mail merge populates the correct fields and a process that used to take hours or days is done in a few seconds. Templates help you close deals faster and get people to work sooner.

Audit Trails

Sometimes it’s important to know who made what changes to a document. With our robust audit trails, it’s easy to see the complete history of any contract or document. The audit trail feature also eliminates any confusion over what version is the most current. Everyone always knows that they are dealing with the right version.

User Access

Authorized users can access documents from anywhere in the world with a secure web connection. Your legal team never has to wait for a manual search when they can quickly find what they need from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

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