Contraxaware for Pipedrive

Pipedrive handles sales and pipeline management, promising more sales with less legwork

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It’s a CRM tool designed to help manage customer connections and improve sales for many of its customers. It focuses both on drawing in more leads and on eliminating the need for as much administrative oversight, making it easier for sales teams to focus on their unique needs instead of having to turn to administration to receive approval for the processes they need to take care of every day. Pipedrive integration can allow:


Easier lead management. 

You need to keep track of your leads in one easy location — not only to ensure that you can communicate with them effectively. Centralized databases also help make sure that none of them slip through the cracks. Lost leads mean lost opportunities. With Pipeline and ContraxAware, on the other hand, you can keep an eye on those leads, track the progress of their contract, and monitor the risk and reward they represent to your business.


Better communication tracking. 

When your company communicates with your clients, you need to know about it. Any communication can ultimately change the contract you construct for an individual client. So make sure you have records with timestamps, names, and the messages themselves. Long-term contract negotiations involve a lot of people, so you want to bring that group back together for a seamless renewal. Pipedrive makes tracking those vital communications simple when you integrate Pipedrive and ContraxAware together. They offer you a clear view of each communication with a client so that when the time comes to write a contract, you know exactly what your clients need and want from your business. 


Make sure your clients know what they need, too. 

In some cases, your clients may need to integrate your contract into their Pipedrive management system. They might, for example, need to see how your contract will impact their ability to provide for the needs of their existing clients. Pipedive integration means that they can easily see it in one location. 

Want to Win at Contract Management?

(Includes an array of features that will streamline your entire contract management process)