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Nutshell is a powerful CRM solution that customizes its solutions for each business

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It allows business owners to choose a sales flow that most closely represents their business and their needs. Ultimately, this allows for better recommendations that more accurately reflect the needs of a specific business. Nutshell's primary question is, "How do you sell?" As a result, it provides a highly customized option that allows many businesses to more effectively manage their customer interactions. Thanks to your integration with Nutshell, you can:


Enhance team collaboration. 

When you integrate with Nutshell, you allow for easy team integration, which means that your clients can easily bring in every member of their teams as they assess how your contract and your business have the potential to integrate with their sales. If you use Nutshell, you can streamline interdepartmental communications to get things done faster.


Keep up with each contact with your clients. 

Nutshell makes it easy to track every interaction with clients throughout the sales process. If your business uses Nutshell, you can identify any challenges in the sales pipeline and streamline that process. If a customer had a technical question the sales team didn’t fully answer, your product management team can pick up the slack. You can also automate many simple tasks through the platform, which means less time spent on those mundane tasks that can be handled just as easily by AI. When you integrate your contract solutions with Nutshell for your clients, you provide your clients with the tools they need to evaluate how your contract and your business integrate with their sales. 


Keep track of performance. 

Is your sales team working as effectively as you had hoped? Are you closing sales? With Nutshell, you can easily identify your progress and see how your sales team is really doing. As a bonus, through Nutshell, your clients can keep track of the same processes — and notify your business accordingly if they need to make changes to their arrangements with you. This can substantially increase both your ability to determine how you are moving sales through the pipeline and how your solutions are working for the businesses you partner with every day. 

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