Contract Management Features

Contract Data Management Feature Team Professional Enterprise
General Data Management
Centralize unlimited contracts
Securely access from anywhere
Import existing contracts
Create new contracts
Track contract stage
Configurable by Contract Type
Configurable data entry forms
Configurable required fields
Configurable default fields
Configurable Validation Rules
Maintain Unlimited Records related to
Contract information
Document information
Parties information (vendor, customers, employees)
Tasks information
Workflow information
Maintain lists (State, County, Contract Type etc)
Link related contracts
Data export utility
unlimited custom fields  ❌
Data import utility  ❌
Create unlimited custom tables  ❌  ❌
Create custom table relationships  ❌  ❌
Contract Document Management Features Team Professional Enterprise
Add existing or create new contracts
Store any type of contract document
Unlimited document storage
Document OCR engine
Global text document search
Revision tracking
Word to .PDF conversion  ❌
Document check in and check out
Document locking
Revision comparison tool  ❌
.PDF/Any Image Files to Word conversion  ❌
Contract Task Management Team Professional Enterprise
Automated email task reminders
Group, Sort, Share and Export task lists
Key Performance Indicator Summary Badges
Report Tasks by Individual or All users
Scheduled Task Reports to Email  ❌
Task summary dashboard with Graphs
Track contracts through the entire contract lifecycle
Track important milestone dates and obligations
Track unlimited contract related tasks
User Administration Team Professional Enterprise
Manage Users - Add, Edit, Delete
Manage Roles - Add, Edit, Delete
Assign Roles To Users
Control Access Rights - Read, Write, Full
Control access by contract type
Control the functions users access
Control Administration Rights
Manage User Properties - Email, Department etc
Manage external user access  ❌
User Request Portal Team Professional Enterprise
Allow users to request contracts from anywhere  ❌
Assign required data elements for request
Upload contract & supporting documents
Email & In-system alerts for incoming requests
Request additional information from requester  ❌
Requestor can track the status of contract requests
Electronic Signatures Team Professional Enterprise
DocuSign integration*  ❌
Send contracts for eSignature in seconds
Send signature request to internal & external signers
Sign contracts from anywhere on any device
Track signature status within ContraxAware
Place signature and initial tags on any document
Receive emails as signatures are completed
Receive an email when signatures are overdue
Signed contract saved directly in contract record
Workflow Automation Features Team Professional Enterprise
Create unlimited Workflow Templates
Assign default Approval, Signature WF to contract types
Automate Approvals, Negotiations, Signature and Review
Initiate Workflows from within Contract Records
Assign internal and external users
Assign parallel and sequential workflow steps
1st Approval option - allow one of many users to approve
Assign due dates to Workflows
Include access to contract record details and documents
System generated, automatic emails to assigned user
Link from email to workflow and contract details
Simple single page, single click Accept / Reject
On-screen prompts guide users through WF steps
Track Workfow Current Status, current step
Remind Users of workflow assignment and due dates
Be alerted of upcoming and overdue workflows
Email alerts for completed and overdue WF's
dashbard/reporting for management of all WF's
Contract Management Reporting Features Team Professional Enterprise
Easily create reports and make better informed decisions
Built in reports in Grid, List, Charts or Timeline formats
Search and Filtering capabilities to drill down on data
Group and Sort your contract data to better organize categorize and locate information
Print, Export, Share and Email reports to share with executives, department managers, vendors and partners
Display contract parties locations on interactive map
Calender reports to display tasks and date related info
Crosstab reports to Group and total data in pivot table style  ❌
Display data that have start and end dates in a Gantt chart  ❌
Show and compare your data using pie, bar & line  ❌
Summarize and group large data setswith calculated totals  ❌

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