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Contract Data Management Feature Team
General Data Management
Centralize unlimited contracts  ✅
Securely access from anywhere  ✅
Import existing contracts  ✅
Create new contracts  ✅
Track contract stage  ✅
Configurable by Contract Type
Configurable data entry forms  ✅
Configurable required fields  ✅
Configurable default fields  ✅
Configurable Validation Rules  ✅
Maintain Unlimited Records related to
Contract information  ✅
Document information  ✅
Parties information (vendor, customers, employees)  ✅
Tasks information  ✅
Workflow information  ✅
Maintain lists (State, County, Contract Type etc)  ✅
Link related contracts  ✅
Data export utility  ✅
unlimited custom fields  ❌
Data import utility  ❌
Create unlimited custom tables  ❌
Create custom table relationships  ❌
Contract Document Management Features Team
Add existing or create new contracts  ✅
Store any type of contract document  ✅
Unlimited document storage  ✅
Document OCR engine  ✅
Global text document search  ✅
Revision tracking  ✅
Word to .PDF conversion  ❌
Document check in and check out  ✅
Document locking  ✅
Revision comparison tool  ❌
.PDF/Any Image Files to Word conversion  ❌
Contract Task Management Team
Automated email task reminders  ✅
Group, Sort, Share and Export task lists  ✅
Key Performance Indicator Summary Badges  ✅
Report Tasks by Individual or All users  ✅
Scheduled Task Reports to Email  ❌
Task summary dashboard with Graphs  ✅
Track contracts through the entire contract lifecycle  ✅
Track important milestone dates and obligations  ✅
Track unlimited contract related tasks  ✅
User Administration Team
Manage Users - Add, Edit, Delete  ✅
Manage Roles - Add, Edit, Delete  ✅
Assign Roles To Users  ✅
Control Access Rights - Read, Write, Full  ✅
Control access by contract type  ✅
Control the functions users access  ✅
Control Administration Rights  ✅
Manage User Properties - Email, Department etc  ✅
Manage external user access  ❌
User Request Portal Team
Allow users to request contracts from anywhere  ❌
Assign required data elements for request  ✅
Upload contract & supporting documents  ✅
Email & In-system alerts for incoming requests  ❌
Request additional information from requester  ❌
Requestor can track the status of contract requests  ❌
Electronic Signatures Team
DocuSign integration*  ✅
Send contracts for eSignature in seconds  ✅
Send signature request to internal & external signers  ✅
Sign contracts from anywhere on any device  ✅
Track signature status within ContraxAware  ✅
Place signature and initial tags on any document  ✅
Receive emails as signatures are completed  ❌
Receive an email when signatures are overdue  ❌
Signed contract saved directly in contract record  ❌
Workflow Automation Features Team
Create unlimited Workflow Templates  ✅
Assign default Approval, Signature WF to contract types  ✅
Automate Approvals, Negotiations, Signature and Review  ✅
Initiate Workflows from within Contract Records  ✅
Assign internal and external users  ✅
Assign pararrell and sequential workflow steps  ✅
1st Approval option - allow one of many users to approve  ✅
Assign due dates to Workflows  ✅
Include access to contract record details and documents  ✅
System generated, automatic emails to assigned user  ✅
Link from email to workflow and contract details  ✅
Simple single page, single click Accept / Reject  ✅
On-screen prompts guide users through WF steps  ✅
Track Workfow Current Status, current step  ✅
Remind Users of workflow assignment and due dates  ✅
Be alerted of upcoming and overdue workflows  ✅
Email alerts for completed and overdue WF's  ✅
dashbard/reporting for management of all WF's  ✅
Contract Management Reporting Features Team
Easily create reports and make better informed decisions  ✅
Built in reports in Grid, List, Charts or Timeline formats  ✅
Search and Filtering capabilities to drill down on data  ✅
Group and Sort your contract data to better organize categorize and locate information  ✅
Print, Export, Share and Email reports to share with executives, department managers, vendors and partners  ✅
Display contract parties locations on interactive map  ✅
Calender reports to display tasks and date related info  ✅
Crosstab reports to Group and total data in pivot table style  ❌
Display data that have start and end dates in a Gantt chart  ❌
Show and compare your data using pie, bar & line  ❌
Summarize and group large data setswith calculated totals  ❌

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