Why Top Companies Prefer ContraxAware in 2020

Why Top Companies Prefer ContraxAware in 2020

by admin
June 17, 2020

2020 has been a tumultuous year bringing with it many changes. One of those changes is a move a larger focus on cloud-based software to enable people to effectively and efficiently work remotely. 

But not just effectively and efficiently work remotely: it’s also about helping employees to achieve more in a streamlined fashion that significantly reduces errors, increases productivity and profitability.

This is why so many companies are opting for ContraxAware’s contract management software services in 2020.

What ContraxAware Offers

ContraxAware offer a range of features that make it one of the more versatile, powerful and efficient contract software management software on the market. Some of the features of ContraxAware’s software:

  • Workflow creation
  • Contract data reporting and analytics
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Document templates
  • Contract authoring
  • Centralized contract data and documents
  • E-signature
  • Contract data validation
  • Automatic alters and reminders
  • Search capabilities
  • Support for setup, deployment and on-going

ContraxAware’s support and training team help to ensure all of our clients are able to get the most out of our contract management software.

So, why do companies care about all these great features? It’s simple. These features are what allow organizations big and small to streamline their entire contract management process. The software is easy to scale, helps to decrease costs, and in so doing can increase revenue.

And let’s take a look at the non-financial benefits of ContraxAware, it includes: better relationships with counterparties, colleagues and also provides peace of mind your organization is complying with all of your contracts.

What clients have said about our services

Here are three reviews from happy clients:

  1. ContraxAware works great for our company!


How clearly the information is displayed. You have an organized picture of all your agreements. How easy it is to use. A very natural flow that makes it easy to navigate. We were up and running quickly. It is very flexible and we were able to tweak some things to make it even more perfect. They really know how to design a pretty interface. It’s easy to read but it isn’t boring. This means something when you are working long days. Just having all our agreements organized, available, searchable is a huge deal for us.


I can’t think of too much. Maybe they could use some more documentation, how to’s. That always helps. But for features and usability, we are extremely satisfied.

  1. Very happy with my decision

Took a little while to get my agreement templates setup but that was because I never had contract templates before. Saved me a ton of time once setup. Support was very good and you can get a hold of them easily via phone or using there built in help chat. Lots of self-running tutorials if you need to refresh your memory on how to use a feature. Great experience overall.


Was easy to get the hang of it. You can tell they took the time to make it super easy to use. I’m surprised how much the software helped my overall process. Much more organized and keep me up to date with tasks I need to complete. Electronic signatures are great too.


I didn’t like the default colors of the screens but support helped me change to match my company’s colors.

  1. Robust software at a good price 

This tool has allowed us to better manage our contract renewal process without manually tracking all of our contracts.


The software is really robust and has several great features. The reminders functionality helped us improved our internal controls around making sure contracts do not lapse or auto renew when we weren’t ready. Also the support was fantastic. If there was any issue at all ContraxAware was quick address it or provide us training on how to better use the tools.


ContraxAware has several features we were not ready to use right away, which I think can muddy the waters a little. But I would rather have too much functionality than not enough.

(review sources)

These are just some of what customers are saying about ContraxAware’s contract management software. We’ve included these unedited reviews in the spirit of being transparent. We believe in serving our clients and ensuring they get the best service and results with our software.

How you can start using ContraxAware’s contract management software services today

If you want to join with top companies who prefer the market-leading contract management software offered by our team here at ContraxAware, you have a few options.

To streamline your contract lifecycle process with ContraxAware you can call us, fill out the convenient and easy form on our website or schedule a one-on-one demonstration.

And yes, we also offer a free trial of our contract management software so you can see just how it will help your business.

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