ContraxAware Named in CIOReview’s Top 20 Procurement Solution Providers List of 2019

ContraxAware Named in CIOReview’s Top 20 Procurement Solution Providers List of 2019

by admin
January 13, 2020

ContraxAware is incredibly pleased to announce its inclusion in CIOReview’s Top 20 Procurement Solution Providers List of 2019. “Unlike disconnected systems, such as spreadsheets and file servers,” notes the review, “ContraxAware’s end-to-end solution streamlines the entire contract management process from one centralized location.” At ContraxAware, we strive to provide a high level of quality for all of your clients, including those who specialize in procurement. Our team is incredibly pleased to learn that we’ve been awarded this critical recognition. 


Noted Features for Procurement Specialists

As a procurement specialist, you understand just how important contracts are to your organization. Comprehensive contract management, from minimizing risks to ensuring compliance with contractual obligations, makes your company stronger. CIOReview notes several key ContraxAware features of note that assist procurement specialists as they manage and execute their contracts. These include:

Easy Access to Critical Information

As a procurement specialist, you need to be able to quickly and easily access a wide range of information. Easy insight into past contracts and the status of current negotiations is also essential. Thanks to ContraxAware, you can easily see all of that information in one location, and it’s accessible from anywhere. 

Always See the Current Version of a Document

When you deal with contracts on a regular basis, you may often struggle to find the right contract version amidst the collection of changes. ContraxAware, however, maintains a clear record of

  • Any changes made to the documents
  • Who made those changes
  • Which version is the current contract

Also, with ContraxAware’s audit trails, a company never has to deal with confusion over multiple versions of the same document ever again.

ContraxAware: Streamlining Contract Management,

At the same time, you can easily access past versions of contracts when you need to go back to those former requirements. 

Maintain Permissions So Team Members See the Right Content

Maintaining security is critical for every organization. While, as a member of the procurement team, you may need to access past versions of contracts, a member of the IT team might not need to see them. Likewise, a member of your sales team might not need to access sensitive procurement contracts or lease agreements. Thanks to refined user permissions, you can easily control access to all of those important documents. 

Work From Anywhere, At Any Time

Your team members don’t always work on a traditional schedule. As modern jobs become more mobile, they may spend an increasing amount of time away from the office. ContraxAware offers a mobile-accessible platform, so team members can access both past and present versions of contracts from anywhere.

Our Notable Customer Service Team at ContraxAware

In addition to the incredible features offered by the ContraxAware platform, CIOReview notes that ContraxAware provides a team of “highly-trained and customer-focused professionals” who want to offer better support for their clients. This is a commendation our team is pleased to accept.

At ContraxAware, we value our clients and offer as much support as possible while they work with us. This includes multiple layers of support, from an incredible training module for new clients to solid customer outreach, data migration, and attention to all the details associated with the process. We also offer one-on-one training and support whenever you need help with your new system.

As we move into 2020, ContraxAware plans to continue to provide exceptional services and support to all of our clients. Our team will continue to focus on excellence, from meeting our customers’ needs and concerns to answering questions and helping them use the system as effectively as possible. We extend our thanks to the CIOReview team for acknowledging our efforts and our value in the procurement industry. We hope to continue to grow our value for our customers in the coming year.