Does Your Company Have These 4 Types of Contract Management Software Support?

Does Your Company Have These 4 Types of Contract Management Software Support?

by admin
January 21, 2020

Using the right enterprise contract management software can offer many advantages to your business. Unfortunately, if your employees don’t know how to use that software effectively, it can prevent you from fully experiencing many of those advantages. This year, make the most of your legal contract management software. Start with an in-depth evaluation of your contract management needs. Then make sure you utilize these four key structures of enterprise contract management software support. 


1. Use workflows that provide intuitive structure.

As employees move through the contract creation or approval process, there shouldn’t be any mystery.  Can they clearly see the next step in the process and what they need to do to accomplish it? Or are they left floundering, struggling to remember the next step in the process? As you’re updating your legal contract management software support for the new year, make your workflows as intuitive as possible. Provide every employee with a clear blueprint that makes it easy to understand what to do next. 

You can also use your workflows to automate many of the processes associated with contract management solutions. This will ensure that no steps are missed in the contract creation and management process. For example:

  • Create automated reminders for things that must be completed before contracts are signed. 
  • Use your contract templates to rule out clauses or ranges that don’t work for your company. 
  • Send automated task overviews every time a contract moves to the next step in the process.

Your workflows have the ability to create a seamless structure for your employees. That makes it far easier for them to move through each stage of the contract process. Even new hires can move assignments from inception to negotiation to renewal. But, in order for them to work effectively, you must put in the time on the front end to create those effective workflows.

2. Upload process documents.

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Process documents clearly explain exactly how to use your CLM software. They should include clear diagrams and explanations for each step of the process. Many employees are reluctant to ask questions, especially if they’ve already asked the same questions or had the same process explained to them in the past. Long-term employees who use the software often, but who might only rarely have to use it to accomplish certain specific tasks, might be even more reluctant to ask questions. Not only that, it can slow down the process for everyone. If your employees have to go hunting for someone who can train them on how to use the software every time they want to use it, business will lag.

Enter process documents.

Process documents are key elements of contract management software support because they’re custom-made instructions for every task. They can make it far easier for employees to drill down on how to accomplish the tasks they need to do, whether it’s a regular task that they have to complete each day or a task that they have to pull up only rarely. 

Make these documents as simple to follow as possible. Also, consider testing them with various individuals within your company. A few trial runs can ensure that they answer all the questions your employees might have about how to complete these key processes. 

3. Get expert contract management software support when you choose proprietary software.

There are many differences between proprietary software and open source solutions. This includes the quality of the software itself and the security it offers. One of the biggest differences offered by proprietary software can make a huge difference to your employees: contract management software support. 

When employees have a question or the software isn’t working properly, who do they call? 

Do you have to troubleshoot on your own? Or do you have access to an experienced team that works directly with this specific type of software? If you’re still working with open source software, chances are that your support is either nonexistent or very difficult to manage. The support from a proprietary CLM solution, however, can help each employee:

  • Troubleshoot.
  • Solve problems. 
  • Create new solutions for integrations.
  • Customize the software to your business’s unique processes. 

4. Offer adequate training. 

In order to use your CLM solution effectively, your employees need to know how it works. How you choose to handle that training will depend heavily on the structure of your organization. You might choose to bring in trainers directly from the CLM software’s support team. They can help every member of your team learn exactly how to use the software to complete their daily job responsibilities. 

Conversely, you might choose to train a few employees within your organization. They can then take that training and knowledge and apply it specifically to each individual employee. Whatever method you choose, however, you need to make sure that every employee has adequate training in how to use the software effectively. You should also update this training periodically. Annual reviews can help ensure that employees genuinely know how to use the software when they need it.

This year, make sure you’re setting your company up for success. Your contract management matters, and so does the enterprise contract management software support you enable around the system. Being able to use the software properly can help your employees 

  • Create and negotiate better contracts.
  • Ensure adequate implementation of all contract clauses.
  • Maintain compliance with all of your clients.
  • Manage vendors. 

With these key support structures, you can provide your employees with everything they need to better understand your CLM solution. ContraxAware offers proprietary contract management software that we can customize to suit your business’s unique needs. So contact us today to learn more or set up a 1:1 demo.

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