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Procurement Solutions

Your procurement department needs the flexibility to work from anywhere and the ability to access critical information quickly. In order to secure the best deals, your team needs the best information and the best tools. 

ContractAware, Contract Management Software Benefits for Procurement

Our system makes your procurement department more efficient and saves you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes.

Procurement needs to know the details of past deals and the status of current negotiations to make sure that they are getting the best prices and contracts for the company. They don’t have time to hunt through stacks of information or to browse for hours on the computer seeking a single invoice. 

Lifecycle Management

Track the progress of contracts from negotiation to fulfillment. Never lose track of key dates or details. Our system makes it easy to get the information you need to renegotiate more favorable terms based on your excellent past performance or based on issues on the supplier side.

Automated Workflows

Documents are automatically sent to managers or other departments for approval or signature. Receive key documents in your inbox automatically when a contract is nearing its completion date. Create any automated workflow you need to save time and energy on repetitive tasks. 


Never miss a deadline. You can configure alerts for key contract dates or remind other members of the organization that you are waiting for them to complete their process. Alerts keep everything running smoothly and on time.

Mobile Access

Never miss anything no matter where in the world you are working from. Our secure, cloud-based servers allow you to access the critical documents and contracts you need from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Sometimes work needs to be done away from the office. With our secure, cloud-based servers, your human resources team can access contracts or documents from their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. 

Audit Trails

Never deal with confusion over multiple versions of the same document ever again. See at a glance who made what changes and when they made them. Collaboration is easy and painless with our contract management system. 

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