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Human relations is responsible for everything from employment law compliance to improving productivity and employee alignment. They spend a lot of their time dealing with paperwork. The more efficient you can make their paperwork process, the more time they will have to work on projects that directly save you money and increase your profits.

ContractAware, Contract Management Software Benefits for HR

The right document and contract management system allows your human resource professionals to tackle absenteeism and boost employee productivity. 

Piles of paperwork don’t have to be a fact of life for your human resources department. ContraxAware not only stores all of the mission-critical employment documents, NDAs, and employment contracts digitally, it revolutionizes the way those documents are accessed and analyzed.

Secure Collaboration

Collaboration between different departments, between management and their teams, and between individuals throughout the organization can significantly improve the final product. Our system makes collaboration simple with audit trails. There are no issues with multiple versions of the same document. We also make sure that only authorized users can access documents.

Automated Workflows

We have eliminated the need to shuffle stacks of papers back and forth between different layers of management. With the click of a button, human resources can send an NDA to an employee. Once the employee digitally signs the document, it is automatically sent to the appropriate managers for approval and automatically securely filed away. You can create an automated workflow for any repetitive human resources process.

Pre-Approved Templates

There is no need to clear forms and contracts with legal every time, when you are using one of the pre-approved templates your legal team has created. Why reinvent the wheel when you jail use automation and templates to make everything more efficient?

Cutting-Edge Security

Human resources deal with a lot of sensitive and confidential employee information. Out HIPAA compliant security makes sure all of that information remains confidential. Our cutting-edge security protects against both internal unauthorized access and external cyberthreats.

Mobile Access

Sometimes work needs to be done away from the office. With our secure, cloud-based servers, your human resources team can access contracts or documents from their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. 


Never miss an important deadline with our system alerts. You can set up alerts when employees need to renew paperwork, to remind you to follow up on getting documentation for a claim, or for anything you don’t want to lose track of. You can even create alerts for others in the organization. Gently remind your employees to complete their retirement plan information or to update their health insurance choices. 

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